Yanela Strappa Figueroa

Yanela Strappa Figueroa

Yanela Strappa graduated as an Information Systems Engineer from UTN, Facultad Regional Mendoza. They joined DHARMa lab in 2013, while still an undergraduate during their last year of study, with a FONCyT scholarship; and later as a research assistant with a BINID scholarship, taking part in research on algorithms for learning context-specific probabilistic graphical models. They are currently pursuing a Ph.D. with a CONICET Doctoral Fellowship since April 2015. From 2016 to present, they have been enrolled in the doctoral program Doctorado en Ciencias Informáticas of Universidad Nacional de San Juan. Their research interests include statistics, graphical models, search and optimization, metaheuristics, and evolutionary computation.

During 2017, in parallel to their dedication to research for their thesis, they have collaborated on three works. One of them, titled “Blankets Joint Posterior Score for Learning Markov Network Structures”, co-authored with Dr. Schlüter, Dr. Bromberg, and Dr. Diego Milone, has been accepted and published by the International Journal of Approximate Reasoning. Another article, “Capturing Contextual Independencies by Growing and Shrinking Multiple Undirected Graphs”, co-authored with  Dr. Edera and Dr. Bromberg, which had previously been rejected by the Journal of Machine Learning Research with an invitation to resubmit, is currently under revision for resubmission. Lastly, they are preparing a manuscript for an international conference in 2018 with the aim of later expanding the work for publication in an international journal.


Graduate courses attended (courses’ names are an approximate translation from Spanish):

  • “Population- and Trajectory-Based Metaheuristics”, 60 hours, by Dr. Guillermo Leguizamón at Universidad Nacional de San Luis, December 2015.

  • “Research Methodology Applied to Project Development”, 45 hours, by Dr. Juan Carlos Michalús at Universidad Nacional de San Juan, June 2017.

  • “Principles and Fundamentals of High-Performance Computing”, 45 hours, by Dra. Fabiana Piccoli at Universidad Nacional de San Juan, June 2017.


His scholarship is director Facundo Bromberg, and his codirector is Raymundo Forradellas.

His academic director is Facundo Bromberg, and his codirector is Diego Horacio Milone.


Schlüter, F., Strappa Y., Bromberg F., & Milone D. H. (2017).  Blankets Joint Posterior score for learning Markov network structures . International Journal of Approximate Reasoning. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijar.2017.10.018,
Rol: Becario doctoral
Rol: Becario doctoral