Continuous capture of skin deformation

  title={Continuous capture of skin deformation},
  author={Sand, Peter and McMillan, Leonard and Popovi{\'c}, Jovan},
  journal={ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)},

We describe a method for the acquisition of deformable human ge-
ometry from silhouettes. Our technique uses a commercial track-
ing system to determine the motion of the skeleton, then estimates
geometry for each bone using constraints provided by the silhou-
ettes from one or more cameras. These silhouettes do not give a
complete characterization of the geometry for a particular point in
time, but when the subject moves, many observations of the same
local geometries allow the construction of a complete model. Our
reconstruction algorithm provides a simple mechanism for solving
the problems of view aggregation, occlusion handling, hole filling,
noise removal, and deformation modeling. The resulting model is
parameterized to synthesize geometry for new poses of the skele-
ton. We demonstrate this capability by rendering the geometry for
motion sequences that were not included in the original datasets.
CR Categories: I.3.7 [Computer Graphics]: Three-Dimensional
Graphics and Realism—Animation; I [Image Processing and
Computer Vision]: Scene Analysis—Shape

Keywords: motion capture, skin modeling, human animation
SD , CV ,

Al parecer con un sistema de captura demovimiento o de tracking comercial es que generan un modelo de la piel del cuerpo humano para sintetizarla o algo asi . modelan la geomteria del cuerpo
No se si esta muy relacionado, salvo para entender o modelar la deformacion de la piel. puede que vaya

In the work of \cite{sand2003continuous} the authors solve the problem of generating a 3d model of skin deformation from video and motion capture data.
No se si este trabajo me puede servir, es basicamente 3d reconstruction.