Diego Sebastián Pérez

Diego Sebastián Pérez

Sebastián is a postdoctoral fellow since 2017 at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Mendozal. He is a member of the DHARMA Laboratory since 2008 and is where he develops his research activities currently. In March 2017 he successfully defended his thesis to obtain the title of PhD in Computer Science from the Universidad Nacional de San Luis. He has taught undergraduate courses and participated in activities organized by the AAIA (Asociación Argentina de Inteligencia Artificial).

Academic Bio

Sebastián graduated as an Engineer in Information Systems in 2010, at the niversidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional de Mendoza (UTN-FRM). In 2008, he joined the DHARMA Laboratory forming a study group on interactive optimization techniques based on genetic algorithms. During 2010 he obtained a research grant for young graduates of the UTN, joining as a collaborator to the doctoral research of Federico Schlüter. In 2011 he obtained a doctoral fellowship of the UTN under the direction of Dr. Facundo Bromberg, within the context of a new line of applied research aimed at the design of machine learning and computer vision algorithms for the implementation of autonomous measurement systems of viticulture variables. During the development of his doctorate, he contributed with three publications in congresses, a technical report and a paper published in a scientific journal.

In March of 2017 Sebastián successfully defended his doctoral thesis to obtain the title of PhD in Computer Science from the Universidad Nacional de San Luis. As of April of that same year, he continues to develop his research activities in the DHARMa laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow of CONICET. Since then, and within the context of his postdoctoral plan, Sebastián works in direct collaboration with Dr. Bromberg and Eng. Carlos Ariel Díaz (doctoral fellow under the direction of Dr. Bromberg and Sebastián's co-direction). The main objective of this team is to study and explore 3D reconstruction techniques from images (photographs and videos) for the problem of detection and 3D location of the buds of a vine plant in winter, under natural conditions. countryside. The results obtained so far converged in a paper that is currently under review for publication.

Finally, since 2011, Sebastián has participated as Teaching Assistant in different chairs belonging to the Department of Information Systems of the UTN-FRM: in 2011 he joined the elective chair "Machine Learning"; in 2012 he moved to the elective chair "Probabilistic Reasoning"; and in 2013 he changed to the Chair "Artificial Intelligence", position held until today.

His academic director is Facundo Bromberg.


Schlüter, F., Bromberg F., & Pérez D. S. (2010).  Speeding up the execution of a large number of statistical tests of independence. Proceedings of ASAI 2010, Argentinean Symposioum of Artificial Intelligence.

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