Ana Laura Diedrichs

Ana Laura Diedrichs

Ana Laura Diedrichs got her Information System Engineer degree in 2009 in Facultad Regional Mendoza, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (FRM UTN), with 24 years old. During her studies, she applied for an DAAD-UTN scholarship and spent a semester (2008-2009) such as exchange student in the Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig (Brunswick, Germany), taking part of the “WISEBED- Future Internet” project. Thank to this experience, she took contact with wireless sensor networks research. Back to FRM UTN, she took part of GridTICs research group, whose director is Ing. Gustavo Mercado, dealing with wireless sensor networks. In 2010 she and her coworkers received the 1st prize in the “Concurso de Proyectos Estudiantiles Simposio Argentino de Sistemas Embebidos” (Argentine Symposium of Embedded Systems) presenting the project “Método de Acceso de Bajo Consumo para IEEE 802.15.4” (low-power scheduling in IEEE 802.15.4). Since then, she has participated in several conferences in Argentina such as ARGENCON 2014, CASE 2013, SASE 2012, ENIDI 2009 giving talks about WSN topics. In addition, she has participated in the IJCAI school (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence) on september 2014. Thanks to the UTN doctoral scholarship and the direction of her advisor Dr. Facundo Bromberg, she became a PhD student at FRM UTN. Her research focuses on “Prediction of frost location using machine learning and wireless sensor networks”.

During 2007 and 2012, she worked on software designs and development using .NET and JAVA technologies in IT Companies. She can deal with different programming languages such as C, C++, java, web programming, R, python and so on. Since 2012, she has been lecturing Teleinformatics (Electronic Engineer Department) and Machine learning (Information System Department) as teacher assistant in FRM UTN. She has also participated and organized a WSN Seminar (2010-2012) in FRM UTN open to the public. Besides spanish, her mother tongue, she can speak german and english. She enjoys her free time traveling, trekking, camping, cooking, learning languages and spending time with family and friends.


Interested in the following research topics: machine learning, reinforcement learning techniques, time series prediction, internet of things (IoT), wireless sensor networks, context aware IoT, micro-climate prediction and behaviour.

Interested in the following technologies: contiki os, simulation tools, 802.15.4e TSCH, 6tisch, issues for outdoor deployment of WSN, Data science tools with R and Python.

Memberships: ISOC, ISOC Argentine chapter, IEEE, AAIA (Argentine Association of Artificial Intelligence), founder of R-Ladies Mendoza, Club Andinista Mendoza (mountain climber club in Mendoza)

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His academic director is Dr. Facundo Bromberg, and his codirector is Dr. Diego Dujovne.


Brun-Laguna, K., Diedrichs A. Laura, Chaar J. Emilio, Dujovne D., Taffernaberry J. Carlos, Mercado G., et al. (2016).  A demo of the PEACH IoT-based frost event prediction system for precision agriculture. Sensing, Communication, and Networking (SECON), 2016 13th Annual IEEE International Conference on.
Diedrichs, A. Laura, Robles M. Inés, Bromberg F., Mercado G., & Dujovne D. (2013).  Characterization of LQI behavior in WSN for glacier area in Patagonia Argentina. Embedded Systems (SASE/CASE), 2013 Fourth Argentine Symposium and Conference on. 1--6.
Cargo: Ayudante de primera
Rol: Becario doctoral
Rol: Becario doctoral